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Session & Benefits

Eyeliner tattoo, also known as permanent eyeliner or eyeliner micro-pigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of semi-permanent pigment along the lash line to create the appearance of eyeliner. Here's a brief description of the eyeliner tattoo procedure:

Eyeliner Tattoo Procedure:
Consultation: The process typically begins with a consultation where the client discusses their desired eyeliner style, thickness, and color with the practitioner.

Numbing: A topical numbing cream is often applied to the eyelids to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Color Selection: The client and practitioner choose a pigment color that complements the client's eye color and overall aesthetic preferences.

Application: Using a specialized tattooing device, the practitioner carefully applies the pigment along the lash line, creating the desired eyeliner shape and intensity.

Layering: The procedure may involve layering the pigment to achieve the desired color depth, and the client is usually involved in decisions about thickness and style.

Healing: After the eyeliner tattoo procedure, the eyelids may initially appear darker and more intense. Over the next few days, the color usually softens as the skin heals.

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo:
Timesaving: Eyeliner tattoo can save time in the daily makeup routine, eliminating the need for the application of eyeliner.

Enhanced Definition: The procedure can provide a more defined and enhanced appearance to the eyes, making them appear larger and more awake.

Waterproof: The semi-permanent pigment is resistant to water, making eyeliner tattoo a long-lasting solution, especially suitable for individuals with an active lifestyle.

Customization: Eyeliner tattoo allows for customization of the eyeliner style, thickness, and color to suit individual preferences.

Semi-Permanent: While not permanent like traditional tattoos, eyeliner tattoo is semi-permanent and can last for a couple of years, depending on factors such as skin type and aftercare.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it's important to choose a qualified and experienced professional for eyeliner tattoo to ensure both safety and optimal results. Additionally, following proper aftercare instructions is crucial for the healing process and the longevity of the eyeliner tattoo.



Initial Session + Touch-Up in 8 weeks: $350

ANNUAL EYELINER TOUCH-UP - All touch-up appointments must be scheduled within 12-18 months of your initial eyeliner session. Touch-up service for eyeliner previously tattooed elsewhere requires a consult.
1 hour session:  $150

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