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Lip Blush
Session & Benefits

Lip blush, also known as lip tattoo or lip micro-pigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the lips by adding semi-permanent pigments to the skin. Here's a description of lip blush and how the procedure is typically performed:

Lip Blush Procedure:
Consultation: The process usually begins with a consultation where the client discusses their desired lip color, shape, and overall expectations with the practitioner.

Preparation: The lips are cleaned, and a numbing agent may be applied to minimize any potential discomfort during the procedure.

Color Selection: The practitioner and the client choose a suitable pigment color that complements the client's natural lip shade and skin tone.

Application: Using a specialized tattooing device or microblade, the practitioner carefully applies the pigment to the lips, creating the desired shape and fullness.

Layering: The procedure is often done in layers, allowing the practitioner to build up the color gradually and achieve a natural look. The client is usually involved in the decision-making process to ensure the desired outcome.

Healing: After the lip blush procedure, the lips may appear more intense in color initially. Over the next few days, the color tends to soften as the skin heals.

Benefits of Lip Blush:
Enhanced Color: Lip blush can enhance the natural color of the lips or add a new, more vibrant shade.

Improved Definition: The procedure can create a more defined lip contour, providing a fuller and shapelier appearance.

Semi-Permanent: While not permanent like traditional tattoos, lip blush is semi-permanent and can last for a couple of years, depending on factors such as skin type and aftercare.

Timesaving: Lip blush can eliminate the need for daily application of lip makeup, saving time for individuals who desire a consistent and enhanced lip color.

Customization: The procedure allows for customization of lip shape, size, and color, catering to the individual preferences of the client.

It's important to choose a qualified and experienced professional for lip blush procedures, as the skill of the practitioner greatly influences the final results. Additionally, proper aftercare, such as avoiding certain activities and products during the initial healing period, is crucial for optimal results and longevity.



Initial Session + Touch-Up in 8 weeks: $350

ANNUAL LIP BLUSH TOUCH-UP - All touch-up appointments must be scheduled within 12-18 months of your initial Lip Blush session. Touch-up service for lips previously tattooed elsewhere requires a consult.
1 hour session:  $150

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