Massage essentials for the beginner or advanced.

Relax & Relieve Pain

The Massage list consists of the most popular types of massage as well as advanced massage styles.  Read more about the individual massage styles below, and the benefits of each.  Your massage therapist will help you choose your style during the initial consultation.

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Massage Styles


Medium to deep pressure is applied with forearms to alleviate muscle pain at the deepest level. Finally get rid of those achy knots and severe muscle tension. A Deep Tissue Massage is relaxing with deeper pressure and stretches to release tension and ease aches and muscle pains.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $90 or 90 minutes $110


Swedish massage increases blood flow and releases tension with long, flowing strokes.  Perfect for those that need a stress break. If you are stressed out and need to relax, this is the massage for you. Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energizing. A lighter pressure massage that can be performed at a slow pace or a faster pace for energizing effect.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $85 or 90 minutes $105


The warmth of the stones melt your muscles to allow for deeper pressure, and the most relaxing state. Melt away stress and tension with the ultimate relaxing Hot Stone Massage. Also helps restore skin's healthy glow with a soothing silky warm grape seed oil.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $95 or 90 minutes $125


Great for relieving any body pain associated with pregnancy, such as back-aches and swollen feet. Prenatal massage is very relaxing for both the mother and baby.  Sessions are limited at one hour so the mother's muscles are not overworked.  Second and third trimester only.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $80


A great massage for athletes who would like to heal muscles faster and keep at the top of their game. Sports Massage may be combined with stretching in order to help those that are physically active to loosen, warm and prepare their muscles, and enhance their performance and endurance. It may also help relieve pain and stiffness of muscles, allowing for faster recovery time, or for injury rehabilitation.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $95 or 90 minutes $115



"Ashi" means foot, and "atsu" means pressure.  This technique is great for a relaxing, deep-tissue massage.  It helps to release deep muscle pain with long and broad strokes using the bottom of the therapist's feet.  There is no pain associated with this type of massage.  Great for those that love a deeper than deep massage, with a need for muscle aches and pains relief. Must weigh more than 130lbs with dense muscle tissue.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation: 60 minutes $115 or 90 minutes $145


Couples Massage Sessions are a great way to spend a romantic and relaxing time with you special

someone.  Choose from Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.  Massages are done in the same room, with a massage therapist for each person.  These are also great for a girl's spa day.

Please call to book your session.

Massage+ 10 minute Consultation Per Couple:

60 minutes $150 and 90 minutes $200



A massage therapist with come to your home with all supplies needed for an in-home massage session.  Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massage Styles are available for in-home sessions.

Please call to book your session.

60 minutes $100 and 90 minutes $150

Back Massage


Enhance your massage experience with a sugar foot scrub, aromatherapy, dry skin brushing, paraffin dips and more.  Choose 2 for $20 for a limited time!

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Indulge your senses with custom blended essential oils created to infuse your treatment with Energy, Calming, Serenity, or Renewal. Lavender, chamomile, and more.

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