Indulge in a Body Treatment Massage with FarmHouse Fresh Organics©


Your time is precious. Capture every drop in a suspended moment you'll not soon forget.  Your skin will be exfoliated with a gentle sugar scrub, leaving it soft and smooth.  Your scrub is then removed with warm towels infused with Champagne or Butter Brulee fizzer.  Finally, your skin is massaged with an amazing FarmHouse Fresh© moisturizer.

90 minute session: $125

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BEST ENJOYED: With a full heart
THE MOOD: Floating away from the world
EXPERIENCE: Lose yourself in love with this dazzling body massage! A warm and spirituous neck and foot wrap infused with vitamin E, coconut and palm oils captures your heart and soul as the fizzy scent of crisp champagne – with a hint of refreshing mint – fills the room. Then, an advanced peptide mousse massage entices your spirit. Specially crafted with retinol and jojoba oils, this kneading is hopelessly devoted to keeping you hydrated and glowing long after this treatment has bid adieu.

This experience created with:

Champagne Fizzer (for steaming towels)

Butter Rum Sugar Scrub

Moon Dip Body Mousse

massage rockford il


BEST ENJOYED: Snug in blankets

THE MOOD: Under a starry sky

EXPERIENCE: The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the…treatment room of this spa! A warm, creamy butter brulee milk wrap nestles you gently in – the buttery fats nourishing and easing skin irritations. Next, you’re buffed and smoothed with a buttery rum-infused sugar and rice bran oil scrub. A luxe and creamy caramel body milk lotion, rich with a blend of 6 natural oils, is then massaged into skin. A warm and decadent winter delight!

This experience created with:

Butter Brulee Milk Soak (for steaming towels)

Butter Rum Sugar Scrub

Backcounty Caramel Body Milk Lotion

massage rockford il

BEST ENJOYED: When you’re ready to melt

THE MOOD: Turn up the heat

EXPERIENCE: This velvety massage begins with a steaming butter brulee whole milk and chicory root infused cocoon wrap to hydrate and soothe dry winter skin. Once softened, you’re drizzled and massaged in a buttery rich melt of emollient shea, cocoa and mango butters that absorb into skin -- leaving soft notes of marshmallow and a silky-fine touch.

This experience created with:

Butter Brulee (for steaming towels)

Butter Rum Sugar Scrub

Marshmallow Melt Balm


Enhance your massage experience with a sugar foot scrub, aromatherapy, dry skin brushing, paraffin dips and more.  Choose 2 for $20 for a limited time!

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Indulge your senses with custom blended essential oils created to infuse your treatment with Energy, Calming, Serenity, or Renewal. Lavender, chamomile, and more.

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