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Clifftop Yoga



Effective Jan. 2023: Please send us a text if you would like to inquire about any times/dates that are not available on the online calendar, and we may be able to accommodate you.


All sessions are by appointment only.  We now have a waitlist you can add yourself to on the booking calendar if you would like to request a time/date that is not open.

SESSIONS:  All massage and facial sessions are 25, 50, or 80 minutes hands-on, plus 5 minutes before for undressing/consultation, and 5 minutes after for dressing/aftercare.  Your style of massage and/or facial treatment can be decided during your consultation with your massage therapist/esthetician.  During your massage sessions, you may dress down to your comfort level, remove jewelry, and turn off your cell phone.  Lighting, temperature, and music level may be adjusted to your comfort level.


Gratuities are accepted and greatly appreciated.  The standard spa hospitality rate is $10-$20 per 60 minutes session, or $15-$25 per 90 minutes session.  Gratuity can be accepted in cash or added to your credit card charge at the end of your session.  Gratuities ARE NOT included in discounted vouchers, please use the same standard hospitality rate when thanking your massage therapist/esthetician.


Cash, credit, and debit cards. NO checks will be accepted.  There is a 3.5% service fee for using a credit or debit card.

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