Fill or reshape to get the perfect brows with semi-permanent brow embroidery.

Vogue Beauty certification in esthetics, with advanced training & a specialized certification by Occhi Lash & Brow Institute, your Brow Artist will create the ultimate frame for your face. Eyebrow Microblading is semi-permanent implanted pigment that gives natural-looking, hair-like strokes to shape and fill your brows. If you are aren't happy with your current eyebrows, try a custom-tailored session that will suit your unique features, for a natural look.

the technique

Brow Microblading includes: consultation, service appointment, and a follow-up “perfecting” appointment.



Your first appointment will take approximately 20-30 minutes.  During this time your brow artist will explain what microblading is, the benefits, & the potential downsides.  We will also find out your concerns & determine if you are a good candidate for microblading.  Sanitation & sterilization procedures are explained, as well as how to prepare for your procedure. 


eyebrow mapping

During your second appointment, your brow artist will use brow mapping to find the perfect brow for the shape of your face.  Your face shape will be determined as round, heart, oval, or square.  Then, the perfect size & shape of brow will reshape or create fuller, more gorgeous eyebrows. 


the procedure

After your brows are mapped out, a numbing cream will be applied. After numbing the area for 20 minutes, your brow artist will begin to "tattoo" each individual eyebrow hair based on the brow perimeter that has been determined, as well as the pattern of your eyebrow hairs.  Cavilon Cream is used as a protective barrier when finished. 


perfect brows

Once your brows are gorgeous, you brow artist will provide you with eyebrow aftercare instructions.  Remember, your brows will lighten about 20-30% from your initial session.  We will then schedule you for your next appointment.  This will be your perfecting appointment scheduled 30 days after your microblading session. 


CONSULTATION - A consultation will need to be scheduled to determine if you're a candidate for microblading, as well as to acquire pre-care information for your session.

If you decide to book an appointment, your $25 consultation fee will be applied to your microblading session.

FULL BROW MICROBLADING - With a full brow microblading session, you will get a natural look of individual hair strokes to sparse or over-tweezed brows.

$200 Special - Regular rate: $400

PARTIAL BROW - With a partial brow session, your brow artist will add definition to sparse or over-tweezed tail-portions of the brows.

$100 Special - Regular rate: $200

ANNUAL BROW TOUCH-UP - All touch-up appointments must be scheduled within 12-18 months of your initial microblading session. Touch-up service for brows previously tattooed elsewhere requires a consult.

$100 Special - Regular rate: $200